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Table 1 Correlation coefficients (R 2), rate constant (k), and half-time (t 1/2) obtained by fitting the GA release data from the GOGA nanocomposite into phosphate-buffered solution at pH 7.4

From: Graphene Oxide-Gallic Acid Nanodelivery System for Cancer Therapy

Aqueous solution Saturated release (%) R 2 Rate constant (k)a (mg/min) t 1/2 a (min)
Pseudo-first order Pseudo-second order Parabolic diffusion Higuchi model Korsmeyer-peppas model
pH 7.4 83.1 0.3294 0.9832 0.9550 0.9550 0.9785 2.42 × 10−4 203
  1. aEstimated using pseudo-second-order kinetics