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Fig. 7

From: A Protein Nanopore-Based Approach for Bacteria Sensing

Fig. 7

P. aeruginosa (P.a.) interaction with the α-HL at neutral and acidic pH’s. a At pH = 4, the partial depletion of the net negative charge at the lumen entrance of the α-HL (~ − 1|e |) results on a reduced electrostatic repulsive forces manifested between the negatively charged bacteria and the lumen entrance of the α-HL (F p-b) as compared to neutral pH (see also Fig. 6). In b and c, we show representative traces displaying the current fluctuations entailed by P.a. occluding the α-HL at pH = 7 and pH = 4, respectively. The applied transmembrane potential was ΔV = −80 mV. In d and e, we represent the events scatter plot of current blockade (ΔI block) versus dwell time of the free and blocked pore, for traces recorded at pH = 7 and pH = 4

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