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Fig. 4

From: Vibration-Induced Property Change in the Melting and Solidifying Process of Metallic Nanoparticles

Fig. 4

Evolution of the gyration radius, radial distribution function, and the nanostructure during the cooling process. a Gyration radius as a function of temperature during the cooling process and b the corresponding radial distribution functions (RDF) of the system at 738, 668, and 298 K. c Sectional view of the nanostructures at I 738 K, II 668 K, and III 298 K, and IV the nanostructure of the final sintered product, in which circles indicate the nucleation cores. In addition, disordered and FCC atoms are removed, and two fivefold deformation twins (FDT, five short lines with the same color are used to represent an FDT) and several twin boundaries (TB) are marked in (IV) for clarity

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