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Table 5 Experimental and predicted current density in two different condition a) Optimum parameters for maximum current density. b) Maximum current density in minimum operational cost. c) Current Density before optimization and d) current density after optimization

From: Enhanced performance of a novel anodic PdAu/VGCNF catalyst for electro-oxidation in a glycerol fuel cell

Run NaOH concentration, M Temperature, °C Metal catalyst loading, (wt%) Predicted current density, mAcm−2 Experimental current density, mAcm−2 Condition
a 6.00 50 20 161.41 164.10 Maximum
b 0.50 45 20 130.98 143.94 Minimum
c 1.00 25 20 86.36 Bef. Optimization
d 5.24 60 12 150.02 158.34 Aft. Optimization