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Table 2 Comparison of the window function implementations

From: A Collective Study on Modeling and Simulation of Resistive Random Access Memory

Window Function Symmetrical Solves all boundary conditions Accounts for non-linear effects Scaling possible Fits which model DC response
Linear Ion Drift [3] Yes No No No Linear ion drift No
Joglekar [94] Yes No Partially No Linear/non-linear/TEAM No
Biolek [95] Yes Partially Partially No Linear/non-linear/TEAM No
Benderli-Wey [96] NA No Partially No Linear No
Shin [97] NA Almost all Yes Yes Chua/linear drift No
Prodromakis [98] No Almost all Yes Yes Linear/non-linear/TEAM No
BCM [99] No Partially No No Linear drift No
TEAM/VTEAM [75,76,77] No Partially Practically yes No TEAM/TEAM for Simmons tunneling barrier No