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Fig. 1

From: Tumor-Targeted and Biocompatible MoSe2 Nanodots@Albumin Nanospheres as a Dual-Modality Therapy Agent for Synergistic Photothermal Radiotherapy

Fig. 1

a A schematic of FA-MoSe2@BSA NSs synthesis. b TEM image of MoSe2 NDs. Inset was the high-resolution TEM image. c The TEM and SEM images of FA-MoSe2@BSA NSs. d The size distribution of MoSe2 NDs and FA-MoSe2@BSA NSs. e The size change of MoSe2 NDs and FA-MoSe2@BSA NSs in water over 7 days. f The size distribution of FA-MoSe2@BSA NSs in water, PBS, and medium, respectively. g The absorbance spectra of MoSe2 NDs and FA-MoSe2@BSA NSs

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