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Fig. 5

From: Tumor-Targeted and Biocompatible MoSe2 Nanodots@Albumin Nanospheres as a Dual-Modality Therapy Agent for Synergistic Photothermal Radiotherapy

Fig. 5

a Thermal images of PBS, MoSe2@BSA NSs and FA-MoSe2@BSA NSs treated cells, and b the corresponding temperature change curves under continuous irradiation with an 808 nm laser (1 W/cm2). c Cell viability of 4 T1 cells treated with PBS, MoSe2@BSA NSs, and FA-MoSe2@BSA NSs combined with different dose of X-ray irradiation (0–5 Gy). d Cell viability of 4T1 cells treated with different samples under 808 nm NIR laser (5 min, 1 W/cm2) and X-ray (5 Gy) irradiation

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