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Table 1 Details of experimental samples for ALD

From: High-Sensitivity and Long-Life Microchannel Plate Processed by Atomic Layer Deposition

  Condition Description
Sample A Uncoated Samples A, B, C, D, and E to confirm the best thickness of deposition layer
Sample B Coated 4-nm ALD Al2O3
Sample C Coated 6-nm ALD Al2O3
Sample D Coated 8-nm ALD Al2O3
Sample E Coated 10-nm ALD Al2O3
Sample F Coated 60-nm ALD Al2O3
Extending precursors model
Samples F and G to confirm which deposition model is better
Sample G Coated 60-nm ALD Al2O3
Stop flow model
Sample H Half coated 8-nm ALD Al2O3
Half no coated