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Table 1 Test results of ICP-AES of synthetic material K(Mn0.975Ni0.025)F3 and K(Mn0.95Ni0.05)F3

From: Scalable Synthesis Nano-Perovskite K(Mn0.95Ni0.05)F3 Cathode by Homogeneous Precipitation Method for Potassium-Ion Batteries

Electrode Concentration of Mn/mmol L−1 Concentration of Co/mmol L−1 Measured molar ratio of Mn to Co Theoretical molar ratio of Mn to Co
K(Mn0.975Ni0.025)F3 0.1289 0.0032 40.28:1 39:1
K(Mn0.95Ni0.05)F3 0.1252 0.0067 18.70:1 19:1